Bay Town Pet Clinic

We are an affordable full service companion animal hospital. Our main goal and objective is to become your life-long committed partner in your beloved pet’s health care.  Our services are designed to assist in early disease detection & treatment as your pets age, offering routine preventative care for the young healthy pets, as well as provide a complete medical and surgical services as needed during his or her lifetime.  We specialize in dogs, cats and exotic animals. Like yourself, our pets are important members of our family.  We always treat your pets as we would our own.


We carry an assortment of pet supplies, products, and offer various services including: low-cost vaccinations, spay and neuter, digital x-rays, dental, and much more!


Our animal-loving veterinarians and staff are always here to help you with all your pets’ needs. They are committed & dedicated in providing your pet with quality medical care in a considerate  and compassionate manner. They want the best for you and your pet and will take the time to educate you about how you can be involved and care best for your animal companions. Our staff is committed to continuing education so they are aware of the alternatives and latest research in medicine and health care for animals. Call us soon to book an appointment!


What to Expect When You Arrive

We understand how you feel when your pet’s health is threatened in an emergency. Try to remain calm and be cautious when moving your pet, as animals in pain will often bite. Here’s what to do beforehand and what to expect when you arrive at the clinic.


Do understand that situation may be chaotic during an emergency. If possible, kindly bring your pet’s medical records, their medications, and also bring along the packaging to anything they may have accidentally ingested. By doing so, it will help tremendously in our ability to begin the right treatment.


Upon your arrival, a Customer Service Representative will greet you and a triage veterinary technician will assess your pet’s emergency prior to examination by our emergency veterinarian. If your pet requires immediate treatment the veterinary technician may ask your permission to bring your pet to the treatment area for immediate assessment. As in most emergency clinics our patients are seen in priority of medical urgency with the most life-threatening cases seen first.


We are equipped to handle a wide spectrum of emergencies with your pet. Our staff strives to make this very stressful time as easy as possible for you. Diagnostic and treatment options, along with an estimated cost will be be presented to you after consultation with the veterinarian. You are encouraged to ask questions and visit with your pet while in our hospital.. Payment is due at the start of treatment. We regret that we cannot accept checks as payment. Please bring your major credit card or cash.

Making pet adoption simple and affordable.

Because our dogs and cats deserve good health and happiness in return for the joy they give others.

Pet Adoption  Process

We partner with Okanagan Small Dog Rescue (OSDR) on pet adoption. They have an adoption process that we highly recommend with all potential adopters. Its purpose is to make the transition for a dog into a new home as smooth and as stress-free as possible.

Many of these little guys have come from very traumatic, frightening places and will require time to adjust to a new person and environment. Whether from a puppy mill or from a home where its former owner is no longer able to care for them, dogs are not as adaptable as one may think. Like us, they need time and patience to feel safe and comfortable again.

The first step in our adoption process, after you have seen one of our available dogs that you are interested in, is to complete an application for adoption and send it to us completed.

Once we receive the application, we will contact you to arrange for you to meet the dog. You may be asked to go to the foster home or to a local pet store. If you and the dog are compatible, we will have the dog visit your home.


The first visit will  be kept short, if you and the dog are comfortable with each other, subsequent visits will be arranged. Starting with a few hours and ending with overnight visits. We will provide all the food, bedding, etc. that is needed for the visits.

This process can take up to two weeks. Once you are comfortable with the dog and it with you, the adoption can be finalized. The final decision in this adoption process is always with the dog!

When you adopt a dog you receive all the records we have on the dog. All dogs are neutered/spayed, tattooed, health checked, dental done, etc., before they are adopted out. They are also socialized to the very best of the foster home’s ability.

The process can be a slow one, as we are very careful that both dog and adopter are happy and secure in their decision. In the adoption process, our main concern is that if you are not able to keep the dog for any reason, the dog comes back to us.

Animals should be a life time commitment, but often they are not. This is where the Okanagan Small Dog Rescue fits into the community. We are happy that people have an option to bring their dogs to us.

Please understand that we need your support and donations. The dogs and all of us at OSDRS are in your debt as you take our society’s dogs into your heart with your kindness.

OSDR rescues and adopts locally. They are committed to the adoption process. They also adopt dogs keeping age of dog in relation to age of adopter in mind.. This must be an age appropriate match.